• on June 16, 2016

DHC Memorial Garden And Memorial Book

A small memorial garden with seating area and a dedication plaque has been made in the gravelled area to the rear of the synagogue together with some planters and planting to the front of the premises. This has improved the appearance of the building.  All the plants were carefully chosen to provide colour and interest all year round with minimal maintenance. It was decided to deck the side path to the garden to make access easier. All the work involved was carried out by volunteers under the direction of DHC buildings and maintenance officer, Martin Goldberg. A  donation by a DHC member was made specifically for this purpose which covered the costs including the Memorial Book. The work was completed in time for it to be dedicated on Shavuot Sunday 12th June following the festival service which was marvellously attended with extra seating having to be provided to accommodate everyone. Synagogue members were invited to donate to DHC and have a family page in the Memorial Book now kept in the shul with names of loved ones recorded in it.

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