• on March 18, 2016

Life Long Learning At DHC Spring Term

The Lifelong Learning continues to be a popular success at DHC. The Cheder class continues under the expert guidance of NRS member Benny Ross, whilst the beit midrash adult class has continued to add new students with over 20% of adult members attending regularly and others who have managed a few sessions when health and personal circumstances allow. It seems that  other members noticing the enthusiasm of the existing students, are deciding to give it a try and come along once a fortnight on a Sunday morning. Once they have tried it they get hooked!

The adult class is taught by DHC rabbi, Dr Barbara Borts, who had managed seemingly effortlessly to enthuse  and empower her students so much so that they often would like to carry on long after the appointed finish time. During the first hour Hebrew is worked on at an appropriate level for each student. Those who has some reading ability have been studying the Shabbat service particularly the concluding prayers section and are increasingly able to read them with confidence. Several students have already ‘done it for real’ at a service with others to follow. The beginners are now able to slowly read from the siddur and the whole class have had an introduction to some aspects of Hebrew grammar that increase understanding.

After a sociable coffee break attention turns to Jewish studies. This term Jewish Life Cycle events have been the main focus with ceremonies, customs, history, texts and contemporary ethical and moral issues looked at and discussed and debated. In recent weeks the class has been looking at marriage.

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