• on August 4, 2017

Link to DHC history in newspaper articles: JCR-UK

Let me share these words found on the JCR-UK Website.

Although now in his 94th year, Harold Pollins is still providing JCR-UK with interesting and significant material. His latest contributions relate to the Darlington Jewish Community, and include materially expanded extracts of press reports relating to the community (containing over 600 separate press reports comprised in four separate parts, respectively covering 1773-1919, 1920-1939, 1940-1961 and 1962-2015); and two new articles on the Jews of Darlington, including an “Early History” and the story of a Darlington Jew in Silent Movies.

The Jewishgen page for Darlington has links to these articles and also includes details of the Congregation’s ministers.

We wish Harold all the best thank him for all his contributions to JCR-UK over the years.

For a complete list of articles and press reports by Harold Pollins, see them here.

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