• on July 1, 2016

Oneg Shabbat Led By DHC Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts, June 2016

The places for the meal were very quickly booked up, though sadly due to a bike accident one family were not able to attend at the last minute.

The service was led for the first time at a DHC oneg by our rabbi, Dr Barbara Borts, and due to her expert guidance the service and the zemirot later on during the meal were very beautiful and  tuneful and helped change the mood from sombre as people pondered the implications of  the referendum result that day, to a joyfully singing welcoming in and celebration of Shabbat.

To everyone’s delight Joyce Goldberg was able to attend and lit the Shabbat candles.

It was also marvellous to have Estelle back after her recent stay in hospital, co-ordinating the catering and making another of her delicious soups. We were treated to a summery cream of  asparagus this time.  People who have not attended an Oneg before often ask if there is a charge for the meal. The answer is that there isn’t, instead people coming arrange with Estelle to bring a contribution to the food or drink. Those who are not able to cook a dish bring items such as  pickles, bread rolls or after dinner chocolates. Those with more time,offer to cook a course or part of a course or make a salad. So many thanks to all who did just that not forgetting those who set up the room so beautifully and those who stayed behind to clear up.

It all helps make the evening a lovely big family Friday night. As if having our rabbi lead the service and both Estelle and Joyce able to be there were not enough, we were delighted to welcome the Rosenthal family visiting DHC for the first of what we hope will be many occasions.

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