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  • on April 25, 2014

Pesach 5774 In Darlington

The invitations for the Darlington Hebrew Congregation Communal Seder said, “6. 30 pm for 7pm” however the shul hallway was already full with the eager participants well before 6.30! Maybe our appetites were wetted by the fascinating study session before our Shabbat service of the 12th April led by Rabbi Borts, when we learned with the aid of a cunning acronym, BROWS (barley, rye, oats, wheat, spelt), what exactly constitutes chametz? What are kitniot and why do opinions differ in the Jewish world about eating them at Pesach? We then discussed what to do with non-Pesach food and a subject that proved to be of great interest to all; what to spread on your matzah? Did you know that government advice exists on that?!

I think that all who were fortunate to be able to attend our communal Seder would agree that it was a marvellous evening with a large percentage of our membership present together with some friends and family. Everyone joined in the reading and singing with great enthusiasm and gusto. Got a favourite tune for Ki lo na-eh or Ma Nishtanah? No problem! Rabbi Borts, who led the Seder, kept us on track as we sang alternate verses of Ki lo na-eh to no less than 3 different tunes! Luckily our new chairs proved really comfortable as time just flew and it looked like we might have to hurry to finish before midnight! As a guest said it was like a big, jolly hamische family Seder.

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