• on April 8, 2012

Sad Loss Of Darlington Member – Elizabeth (Betty) Joyce Herman

Betty Herman, 1920-2012

(The following is a slightly edited version of the eulogy delivered by her son Val Herman at Betty’s funeral in Darlington.)

Elizabeth Joyce Herman – Betty, my Mum – was born in London in 1920, and died, peacefully; in March in Middleton St George, after a long illness.

She was 91 years old.

My thoughts – especially over the last few days — have been filled with Love for my Mum.

Indeed, Mum loved life, and will be forever loved.

Her lifewas about Love:

Love for her immediate family – her husband/my Dad, Reg; and her two children, Jane and myself. She was always a loving Mum.

Love for her friends and relations, many of whom are here today.

Love for the Jewish community, and the many friends that she had in it.

Love for Darlington, and the many activities, hobbies and interests she pursued here over 65 years.

And, as a Justice of the Peace, Love for the wider society that we all live in, and her wish to contribute to its well being.

Love for her many friends in Soroptomists International, of which she was a member for 45 years.

And, especially, Love for her far-flung family:

The Australian Branch of Herman International – daughter Jane, son-in-law Rob, grandsons Ben and Adam, and great-grandchildren, Jessy, Sam, Isabella and Malea and Love too for the Dutch Branch of Herman International – daughter-in-law Carol, and grandchildren Susannah and David.

Betty, my Mum, was loving and she was loved.

But there was always more, much more to Mum.

There was style, substance, knowledge, compassion, charm, an incredible sense of humour, and many more attributes.

On behalf of Betty’s children and grand-children, I thank you all for being here today. (at the funeral)

We would also like to offer our sincere thanks to Rabbi Borts, Dr and Mrs. Goldberg, and Martin Craster and Shelly, for the support they have provided us in these difficult times.

Betty loved us, all of us.

And we will continue to love her in our hearts and memories.

We will remember you Mum. For ever. And ever.

May God rest her soul in peace.


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