• on November 28, 2016

Sukkot 5777 at DHC

Thank you to everyone who brought along beautiful greenery, fruit and flowers and helped in the building of the Sukkah. With so much help it was rapidly looking splendid and everyone attending had some fun with paper, crayons and glue making further decorations. It was good to see a lively bunch of youngsters enjoying the festival and assisting not only with the decorations but also the service. During an interesting study session led by Rabbi Borts, the adults thought about ushpizin (guests) they would like to have had be able to join us, the living community, in the Sukkah. Thank you to visitor Siggie for keeping an eye on the younger children during the study session. The congregation was just able to all fit in the Sukkah at the same time as we made kiddush before settling back in the dry and warm inside for a splendid 3 course meal ready prepared by Estelle. Sadly due to ill health she was unable to be there in person to heat and serve on the day. Thank you to Aaron who stood in for her at short notice in the kitchen and of course to everyone who came and helped make the festival a true ‘season for joy’.

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