• on November 28, 2016

Yom Kippur 5777

Once again our tiny community was able to provide members and visitors with a full programme of Kol Nidre/ Yom Kippur services and a most interesting afternoon discussion on why the book of Jonah is read on Yom Kippur.

Many of us felt as if we had been on an immense journey over the 25 hours of the fast and due to a timely session at Lifelong Learning on the structure of the services, were able to appreciate for the first time their place in the structure of the day. We had a comfortably full shul for Kol Nidre and unlike in most shuls I have been in numbers attending actually increased during the course of Yom Kippur!

Thank you to Rabbi Dr Borts for all her hours of hard work preparing not only challenging and thought-provoking sermons but also choosing options that allowed all the congregation present to feel engaged with the prayers, music, readings and study passages. The services were dignified, moving and magnificent.

Thank you to our lay leader Ray Honeybourne for once again preparing and leading the minchah service, to Estelle for providing us with tasty food to break the fast and of course to all those DHC members and visitors who supported the continuation of Jewish life in our region by attending services and performing mitzvot not forgetting all those who lent a hand preparing the synagogue for the High Holy days including the team that prevented a re-enactment of Noah’s Flood (or perhaps should it be Jonah’s encounter with a stormy sea.?!) with some energetic team mopping.

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